The BlackCat Grant Management System has been successfully implemented in a number of instances. With a variety of components, tools, and customizable options, the system can be modified to manage and facilitate single agency grant development, statewide grant management, or enterprise level functionality. Some recent implementations include:

TransCIP is an implementation of the BlackCat Grant Management System that is utilized statewide by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), metropolitan planning organizations, and transit agencies. TransCIP streamlines how FDOT, as the grantor, and their recipients apply, track, manage, and analyze a large and diverse list of state and federal grants including: Block Grant, Commuter Assistance, Service Development, Urban Corridor, Park & Ride, Section 5307, 5309, 5310, 5311, 5316 (JARC), and 5317 (New Freedom). Panther implemented a secure web-based solution that was specifically customized to facilitate project application entry, annual agency funding requests, line-item allocation of funding, federal project tracking section, contract (JPA) milestone tracking, online quarterly reporting, project and agency level document collection and storage features, as well as historical and real-time reporting. TransCIP currently interfaces with FDOT's Work Program application, eSIS systems, and we are currently working to integrate with FTA's TEAM system.

The Enterprise Center (Chattanooga) - manages over a million dollar annual budget in federal, state, and local grants, and The Center needed a system to monitor grant burn rates and strategic plan goal progress against an established, aligned metrics system. Panther International developed a version of our BlackCat Grant Management System that included a dashboard style system that will allow both the Enterprise Center staff and board of directors to better evaluate and monitor progress of the strategic plan goals compared to grant milestones, progress reports and other compliance requirements. In addition, its update and transactional logging capabilities provide a platform for historical analysis over time, allows access to key related documents for all system users, manages user access at a granular level, and provides a platform that is extremely scalable for future enhancement.

JACIP - The State of Florida and the Federal Aviation Administration needed an automated system to streamline the process for airports to submit capital projects for review and funding. Panther International developed a module based product, JACIP Online, which has created greater efficiencies in allowing oversight committees to better analyze and synchronize funding commitments. The application links to other existing applications and greatly assists facility representatives, district FDOT personnel, FAA managers the ability to better manage and coordinate funding data with mitigation from inspections as well as previously planned projects. 

Komen Edition - The Florida Suncoast Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure manages over a million dollars in competitive grants annually for innovative projects in the areas of breast health and breast cancer screening, treatment, and education. An automated system was needed to manage the extensive proposal submission, review, and selection process as well as the granting and compliance monitoring functions. Panther International implemented an edition of the BlackCat Grant Management System that caters to the needs of the non-profit industry and customized to meet the specific needs of the Affiliate. The BlackCat Grants Komen Edition includes extensive application submission, review, rating, and approval functions. Additional features include status reporting, system notifications, financial tracking, document storage, compliance monitoring, and user management controls.

SeaCIP - Originally utilized by the Florida Ports Council and reviewing agencies to manage the complex application and review process for Florida seaport projects (as regulated by F.S. Chapter 311), the State of Florida contracted Panther International to extend the existing application by implementing the BlackCat Grant Management System. The new system now manages not only the 311 funding process but other funding sources including 1996 and 1999 Bonds, Growth Management, Strategic Intermodal System (SIS), Small County Dredging, and Intermodal funds. SeaCIP also interfaces with FDOT's Work Program and eSIS systems.
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