A variety of program components allow for quick configuration and implementation of a tailored system that manages all stages of the grant lifecycle. Below is an explanation of some of the most popular features.

Gaming and Planning:
Users are able to develop and compare potential funding scenarios based on customized metrics. Relevant activities can be captured and used to rate and prioritize projects for consideration of funding. Various data transmittal processes can be customized and added to export scenarios as needed.

Agency Management:
User administrators are able to add recipient agencies and organizations to the system and manage individual user access and rights. This ensures all necessary bodies can access the system but only see the data pertinent to their specific needs.

Fund Source Builder:
Administrators can build each state or local fund source needed by an agency or sub-recipient level user. Features include customized applications; multiple application review, scoring, and approval options; agency/organizational eligibility determination; cost category/code eligibility; full fund source profile; circular or document upload; and related links.

Maintenance of Federal Grant Programs:
Panther International sets up and maintains federal grant programs to reduce the burden on state staff. Features include application entry and review, regional and state level Program of Projects (POP) development, progress and financial reporting, award tracking, invoice monitoring, and the ability to integrate with the FTA's TEAM system and the FAA's SOAR.

Allocation Tracking and Financial Production:
The system manages allocations or project funding at the project level. Line items can be made to log federal, state, local and other intangible funding. Monitoring is maintained through a variety of reporting methods.

Invoicing and Drawdown:
Project managers are able to collect and track invoices as well as monitor project balances. Nightly financial data downloads and reconciliation tools can be integrated to capture and validate encumbrance, expenditure, and adjustment transactions.

Milestone and Progress Reporting:
Project milestones can be created and tracked through periodic progress reports that can incorporate both federal and state requirements.

Grant Agreement Builder:
This application allows users to automatically create grant agreements from within the application by utilizing stored and/or entered data. Attachments can be added to complete the agreement packet and then the agreement can be printed, emailed and stored for future reference.

Custom Audit and Closeout:
A series of system notifications, reconciliation flags, project checklists, and final reports can be created and modified as needed.

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